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Sno-King 14U Bantam President’s Day Tournament Rules                                                           2017



  • Off sides: use the TOUCH UP rule (delayed off sides)

  • NO CHECKING is allowed

  • Minor Penalties are three minutes during running clock and two minutes during stop time

  • Mouth guards are required for all USA players, including goalies

    All Canadian players should follow Canadian Hockey equipment rules. If you are not required to wear a mouth guard in Canada, then you are not required to do so here in the US. Sno-King strongly encourages players to wear mouth guards.

  • Unless otherwise agreed to, the home team will wear white/light colored jerseys, and the away team will wear dark colored jerseys. In case of a conflict, it is the home team’s responsibility to change.


  • Warm-ups are five (5) minutes. The warm-up clock starts when the referee and linesmen are on the ice. No one shall be allowed on the ice surface prior to the referee and linesmen signaling the players onto the ice.


  • The game will consist of 3 thirteen (13) minute stop time periods unless the tournament is behind schedule. Penalties will be as published in USA Hockey Rule Book:



  • Each game has a maximum time limit of seventy five minutes. If the game is running long, the third period will be adjusted by the referee. This adjustment will be made by taking the remaining ice slot time and dividing it by two. This sum will be the amount of time that will be used for the third period.


    Mercy Rule: In any game, except the Championship Game, running time will be used in the third period whenever the goal differential is five (5) or more. The clock will revert to stop time if the differential returns to four (4). There are no time outs allowed.


  • To determine the rankings of the teams that play each other in the finals, the total points received in all games shall be used: win = 2 points; tie = 1 point; sportsmanship= 1 point


    If two or more teams have an equal number of points:

    A: Head-to-head points (winner of round robin game between tied teams with in their division)
    B: Fewest Goals against - All games.
    C: Greatest Goal Differential - Goals for minus / goals against, all games.
    D: Most goals - All games
    E:  Fastest goal in the first game


    A sportsmanship point will be added to each team that has fewer than 12 total penalty minutes per game, provided the team incurs no Major (5 minute), Misconduct (10 minute), Game Misconduct or Match penalties in the game:


    When reporting Penalty Minutes, report them by the number of minutes on penalty section of score sheet (3 minutes running clock, 2 minutes stop clock).



    In the championship game, or any semi-final game, and any playoff game that needs to determine a winner and a tie exists at the completion of regulation time, there shall be a two (2) minute rest period followed by a (5) five-minute sudden death overtime period. Teams will not switch ends at any time during the overtime. If still tied at the end of overtime, we will have a 3 man shoot out. Coaches will pick the players to compete. If the game is still tied after the 3 player shootout, it becomes a sudden death shootout, using all the remaining players. Referees will be responsible to record these players.

  • The Tournament Director shall also serve as the Discipline Chairperson. The Discipline Committee will consist of three (3) persons appointed by the Tournament Director. Any discipline problems will be handled immediately after the game. The Committee will meet first with the referee and/or linesmen. Next, they will meet with the coach and/or player. The Committee will then decide what action, if any, is required. The coach and/or player so involved will then be notified of the decision.

    All protest attempts have $100 protest fee and will be refunded if your protest is successful and overturned in your favor.


  • The Zero Tolerance rule will be in effect. Fighting, unsportsmanlike or abusive conduct by team officials, players or spectators will not be tolerated on or off the ice. Any such conduct may be grounds for removal from the tournament and, if necessary, from the ice arena. The Tournament Director has the option of stopping play, if necessary until the situation is resolved. COACHES and MANAGERS inform parents and fans that unruly behavior will result in stoppage of play until the situation is resolved. If the situation continues after stoppage of play this person will be removed from the facility.


    This is a 14U/Bantam tournament; we all need to set examples of GOOD sportsmanship, regardless of the perspective of the situation.

  • Locker room, facility damage or defacement will not be tolerated. The coach is responsible for his players, before, during, and after the games.  Any damage or defacement to the facility will result in a fine determined by the ice arena management.

    There is no body checking at any Sno-King REC tournament.


Modified Shorthanded Icing Rule Delivers More Skill Development

USA Hockey has modified its playing rules for the 14-and-Under age classification and all younger age classifications (youth and girls) to no longer legalize icing while a team is shorthanded. Beginning with the 2017-18 season, if a team ices the puck while shorthanded, it will result in a whistle followed by a defensive-zone faceoff. The team that commits an

icing infraction will be allowed to change lines and/or players prior to the defensive-zone faceoff.