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Roster Changes

    •    Rosters are locked 30 days prior to the tournament start date.  Emergency roster changes are at the discretion of the Tournament Director.


Goalie Substitution Policy

Goalie substitutions must be approved by the tournament director.  In the event that a team’s goalie is not available for a game, the following protocol must be used in the event a team must find a Goalie replacement:


    1    Use a goalie from another C team within the same age division; if not available

    2    Use a C or rep team goalie from a lower age division; if not available

    3    Use a C team goalie from one age division higher


Fighting Policy


Sno-King Hockey does not condone any fighting and has implemented additional penalties to be placed on players that have been penalized for fighting whether on or off the ice.

    •    Fighting

    a    A player in his/her first fighting major offense will receive the USA Hockey mandatory 1 game suspension.

    b    A player receiving his/her second fighting major offense will receive the USA Hockey mandatory 3 game suspension.

    c    A player receiving his/her third fighting major will be suspended for the balance of the season and the playoffs. Those violating in the last 1 – 3 games of a season or playoffs and not returning to the NPSHL the following year (i.e.- playing rep hockey, etc…) the NPSHL will ask the association hosting the player to uphold the suspension asking the player miss the allotted games at some point during the next season.

Match Penalty Policy - Any player or coach receiving a Match Misconduct Penalty is immediately suspended until the player’s association Disciplinary Committee meets and issues a disciplinary decision. The NPSHL League must be contacted with the results of this Disciplinary meeting and may issue additional suspension if it determines that the suspension was inadequate for the infraction.


Sportsmanship Points


1. Low Penalty Minutes

    •    A sportsmanship point will be added to a team qualifying, should it achieve low penalty minutes as follows and provided the team incurs no Major (5 minute), Misconduct (10 minute), Game Misconduct or Match penalties in the game:

    •    • Squirt – 12 minutes or less

    •    • Pee Wee – 15 minutes or less

    •    • Bantam – 18 minutes or less

    •    • Midget – 21 minutes or less

    •    When reporting Penalty Minutes, report them by the number of minutes on penalty section of score sheet (3 minutes running clock, 2 minutes stop clock) 


Tie Breakers


Points for games shall be 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. Sportsmanship points will also be added to the team’s points. The following will be used as a standing tie-breakers:

    1    Points

    2    Win Percentage (First if number of games played is not equal)

    3    Most Sportsmanship points

    4    Goals for/Goals against differential (*note see Fair Play rule)

    5    Greatest number of wins in head-to-head competition

    6    Goals for/Goals against differential in head-to-head competition.



Ice Time Guidelines

The minimum game time is 60 minutes for all age classifications

Per USA Hockey rules Mites will play all league games on half ice or cross ice.

The following formats are recommended for each time block for Squirts - Bantams:  The 75 min time slot is the minimum requirement for Midgets.


Mites ~ Bantam:  60 minute time slot

5 minute warm-up

2 – 15 minute running clock

1 – 12 minute stop clock


Midgets:  75 minute time slot

5 minute warm-up

3 – 13 minute stop clock

It may be necessary to shorten the 3rd period in order to complete a game within allotted time. This is determined by the following formula: Actual ice time remaining divided by 2 equals the time on scoreboard. Penalty times on remaining on the clock at the completion of the second period, should also be divided by 2 to adjust to the stop-clock play time. There are no time-outs during league games, except as determined for playoff games.



Playoff Guidelines

Each team is allowed one 60 second time out per game, playoffs only.